Karima Girls High School Shines at 2023 Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals

Karima Girls High School made waves at the 2023 Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals held in Mombasa, leaving an indelible mark with their outstanding performances. The school, under the direction of Joseph Murungu, staged a powerful tragicomedy titled “Birds of a Feather” that not only captivated the audience but also earned them accolades at both regional and national levels.

The play, a thought-provoking exploration titled by Murungu, delved into the dangers lurking on the internet for teenagers. “Birds of a Feather” served as a cautionary tale, urging young minds to tread carefully in the vast web landscape, highlighting the presence of online predators seeking to compromise their innocence.

At the regional drama festivals, Karima Girls High School’s production not only impressed but also swept all accolades. The triumph continued at the national level, where they were crowned the Best School in the Feature Film category. Among the many special awards, the following stand out:

1. **Second Best Actress in a Major Role: Ruth Wambugu**

Ruth Wambugu’s stellar performance earned her the distinction of being the Second Best Actress in a Major Role, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft.

2. **Best Supporting Actresses: Joy Gachu and Verity Ngure**

The outstanding contributions of Joy Gachu and Verity Ngure were recognized with the Best Supporting Actress awards, a testament to their remarkable performances in “Birds of a Feather.”


3. **Best Costume Design**

The creative brilliance of the costume designers at Karima Girls High School was acknowledged with the Best Costume Design award, adding an extra layer of authenticity to their production.


4. **Best Sound Effects**

The meticulous attention to detail in sound design contributed to the immersive experience of the play, earning them the Best Sound Effects award.


5. **Best Item for the Festivals**

Karima Girls High School’s contribution was deemed the Best Item for the Festivals, highlighting the uniqueness and impact of their performance.


6. **Most Original Film**

The creativity and originality displayed in “Birds of a Feather” were recognized with the Most Original Film award, showcasing the school’s commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.


7. **Best Picture Quality**

The technical prowess of the filmmakers was acknowledged with the Best Picture Quality award, reflecting the high standards achieved in cinematography and production.


8. **Best Cinematography**

The skilled cinematographers behind the lens at Karima Girls High School were honored with the Best Cinematography award, recognizing their ability to visually narrate the compelling story.


9. **Most Entertaining Film**

“Birds of a Feather” not only conveyed a crucial message but also entertained, earning them the Most Entertaining Film award.


10. **Best Film from Central Region**

Karima Girls High School proudly represented the Central Region, securing the title of the Best Film from the region.


11. **Best Film Producer: Kinyua Grace W. W**

Kinyua Grace W. W, the mastermind behind the production, received the prestigious Best Film Producer award, acknowledging her leadership and vision in bringing “Birds of a Feather” to life.


Karima Girls High School’s success at the 2023 Kenya National Drama and Film Festivals is a testament to the dedication, talent, and creativity within the school’s artistic community. Their impactful performances and meaningful storytelling have not only brought them recognition but have also contributed to the broader conversations around the challenges faced by teenagers in the digital age and the societal issues affecting the boy child. Congratulations to Karima Girls High School on this remarkable achievement!