About Us

Karima Girls’ High School was started in 1969 by the Anglican Church on a (13) thirteen-acre piece of land donated by a white Settler and 1st speaker of the Kenya Legislative Assembly, Sir Humphrey Slade. The school then had Seven (7) students and a headmaster.  A stable was converted to serve as offices, a classroom, and a sleeping place for the girls.

The school was upgraded to a National School in the year 2012. The School currently has grown to an 8 stream with a student population of more than 1800 girls housed in modern dorms and classrooms. The school boasts a well-equipped E-LEARNING CENTRE with modern ICT equipment to serve the students and teachers effectively.

Well-equipped and adequate science labs are a great factor that has contributed to the tremendous performance over the years.


To provide a holistic approach in giving quality education to our students to become sensitive citizens in the society, responsive to emerging issues and needs.


To mold an all-around student –intellectually, morally, spiritually and ensure that all girls go through the four-year course in this school attain a university grade