• The school offers 14 subjects that are examined by KNEC at the end of F4 course.
  • In junior classes, each student learns 11 subjects. 10 compulsory subjects taught in all streams.

The 4 electives are taught in selected streams.  Compulsory subjects are English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, CRE, and Business Studies. Electives are French, Home Science, Computer studies, Agriculture.

  • In senior classes, each student learns 8 subjects. 5 compulsory subjects and 3 elective ones. The Compulsory subjects are English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry. Electives are Physics, History, Geography, CRE, and Business Studies, French, Home Science, Computer studies, Agriculture.
  • The teaching fraternity is composed of well-trained TSC teachers.


Teaching and learning

Regular teaching and learning is undertaken between 8 am and 4pm daily, from Monday to Friday. Every child must attend all classes. All teachers attend all scheduled lessons. Whenever there good reasons to miss some, make up classes are organized.

Our syllabus for each level is always covered in good time, completed by end of year for junior classes and by end of Term two for senior classes.


  • There are three regular tests per term. All students are expected to sit for all exams.
  • Minimum overall grade acceptable is a B in F1 and B- in senior classes.
  • Minimum Subject grade acceptable is a B- in F1 and C+ in senior classes.
  • Students are inspired to meet the set benchmarks
  • Students who excel in exams are awarded.
  • Results are sent to parents via Bulk sms system.

Educational Trips.

These are normally organized at subject level. Sometimes there may be additional costs required to be met by the parents for such trips.  

Subject Club Activities.

Students have an opportunity to participate in subject-based clubs of their choice.

Subject based contests and symposia

Contests and symposia are organized from time to time. Sometimes internal, and other times external. Students are encouraged to participate and showcase their abilities in the said areas. Excellence is always rewarded.

Extra Academic Programs

Regular academic programs run from 8 – 4pm Monday to Friday. To ensure learners are assisted to catch up with areas they did not understood very well during regular sessions, extra programs are organized early morning, evening and over weekend. These extra programs also enable candidates to be very well prepared for KCSE exams, hence good results. The extra programs include:

Remedial sessions, Weekly CATs , Weekend subject based symposium,   Supervised grouped discussions during weekends, Resource persons (national examiners) talks, Academic Mentorship.


  • Timely syllabus coverage to allow adequate time for revision
  • Team teaching to ensure uniformity in approaches.
  • Revision on form one and two work during the extra classes
  • Extra science practical sessions in the evenings and weekends
  • Inviting facilitators to give tips to the students.
  • Discussion groups to be used for group activities
  • Academic trips.
  • Joint cluster exams, term one and term two.
  • Symposiums and contests, both internal and external.
  • Frequent topical RATS and CATS.