The school offers a variety of co-curricular activities to keep students engaged and to help identify talents. Some field activities offered are: Athletics, Football, volleyball, hockey, basketball, Net ball and hand ball. Indoor games include Table tennis, Badminton, scrabble and chess.

All these have taken the school to the National level and chess has flown the Karima Flag at international tournaments e.g. Greece, Brazil and South Africa.

Students talents in Music and acting are also tapped through participation in the Music and drama festivals where the school boasts of a number of national trophies in these areas especially in plays and traditional dances.

Several clubs have also been setup to offer a vital stage for students to express their skills/talents; e.g. Science club, ICT, Journalism, Wildlife, President’s award, Business club, Aviation, Scouts, St. Johns, Red cross, Sigma Club, Debate, True Love waits and many more. Every student is a member of a certain club. All clubs are headed by Patrons and meetings held every Wednesday at 4.30 P.M