Karima provides an education that allows all students within its care to grow up happily, and at the same time to be equipped with the social, behavioural, intellectual, and life skills needed for them to be an asset to their families, communities and friends in adulthood, to be ambitious enough to succeed personally and professionally and to be ready to live a fulfilling life.

Academic results are key to each stage of your child’s life, so at Karima we work as a team to ensure that the results earned by each student are a true reflection of the best they can possibly achieve. Standardised tests are used to create aspirational targets for each individual student and we work with our students to ensure they are met. This hard work results in excellent outcomes. In form four the alternative paths to university offered in Karima schools ensure that all students fit according to their strengths. This results in all students who want to go to university, obtaining offers from universities of their choice.

At Karima we recognise that every student is an individual with unique requirements and we create individualised study programmes. The success of Karima’s approach to education is shown by the placement of most of our students in universities across the nation.