The Exam Department consists of six committee members:
The chairperson, secretary and four Form supervisors. These personnel ensures a smooth administering of exam i.e the exam is done as scheduled, on time and the exam too is of the required standard as per the class
The committee administer three exams for each class in a term, this enable the teachers to gauge the learners progress accordingly and emphasis on the weak areas through revision or revisiting the topic

The department adheres to the KNEC grading system, which ensures that the students score in internal exam does

not have a big gap with the national exam
There are a variety of

exams that the department issues, these includes CATS, RATS and JOINT MOCK exams with other national School
The exam is processed through the Zeraki App and sent to the parents immediately marking is done and the hard copy is handed over to the

learners at the end of each term
The Best performance is rewarded using various categories that the department has come up with,

The top class overall in each stream is rewarded.

The top ten students overall in each Form is rewarded.

The most improved student in each stream is also rewarded.

The overall position one class that maintain the position is taken out for an overnight trip.

The department has also put down exam rules similar to those of KNEC and these enable the department to get the true reflection of the students score hence no cheating takes place.

The department through the class teacher offer guidance to the students who do not perform well in the internal examParents and guardians of the weak students are also invited to discuss the academic progress of the students